Down-in-one Street characters stood in a line

Down-in-one Street:
Set the rules of the game, then break them.

Down-in-one Street is a cooperative game for 2-8 players. It's available for free as a downloadable PDF that you can print at home.

The aim is to throw as many illegal parties during COVID-19 lockdowns as possible without getting caught. Players, as members of the government, set the restrictions that they will later seek to break.

Rather than simply reaching for a high score, the group should aim for a high score in as few rounds (called "lockdowns") as possible. A result of 300 might sound impressive, but if it took 10 lockdowns to get there you weren't taking enough risks and you get no bragging rights!

Each lockdown consists of multiple parties. The score earned from each party is the number of attendees multiplied by the number of restrictions broken. But be careful, because as more people attend and as more restrictions get broken, it becomes much harder to keep the party under wraps. One wrong move and the game is over (unless you can pass it off as a "work event").

Down-in-one Street is a balancing act of risk vs reward, with a slightly subjective scoring system designed to spark discussions after the game is over.

How to get started

  1. Use the buttons below to access the printer-friendly (by which I mean mostly white) Printsheet and Rulebook.
  2. Print out the Printsheet.
  3. Cut out and fold the printed components as instructed on the first page.
  4. Save or print the Rulebook.
  5. Collect the required components listed in the Rulebook.
  6. Gather some friends and enjoy pretending to be a raging hypocrite for an hour or so.

Printing tips

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Designed by Jon Edge of Lineage Gaming

Based on an idea by Simon Seddon

Artwork by the incredible Chris Crompton

In order to make this game available while it's topical, it hasn't been subjected to the same level of playtesting that it usually would. It's therefore expected that the rules may be tweaked in future, and for that reason a version number has been added to both the Printsheet (on the Party Log) and the Rulebook. All feedback and suggested improvements are welcomed .

The characters in this game are fictitious. If any resemblance to actual persons exists, then forgive me. Forgive me. Forgive me.